Corrugated cardboard box (351х154х257)

(LxBxH, mm)

Corrugated cardboard box is a light-weight box made of solid corrugated cardboard used for packaging, safe storage and transportation of food and consumer goods industry products. Wavy form of the corrugated cardboard makes boxes especially rigid and prevents bursting, therefore, the boxes are capable of sustaining rather heavy loads at minimum weight. Corrugated cardboard box may be three – four times lighter than a plastic or wooden box with the same capacity which reduces fuel consumption during transportation.

Corrugated cardboard box has many advantages:

  • it may be used for packaging of various products;
  • manufacturing of corrugated cardboard boxes requires rather small energy and other resources consumption which makes it more environment-friendly compared to production of plastic;
  • used corrugated cardboard packaging may be reused in different ways, for instance, in production of recycled cardboard;
  • corrugated cardboard saves space as the boxes are delivered to the customer folded and are erected on site;
  • full-color images may be applied to the corrugated cardboard boxes by various means (offsetting, flexoprint, silk screen print).