LLC Donskaya Gofrotara is a modern plant equipped with state-of-the-art equipment of major Asian, European and North-American manufacturers. First line of the enterprise was launched in 2005 The paper-making facilities of the company commissioned in 2009 that provide for recirculation of waste paper stock were the first brand new paper-making production launched in post-Soviet Russia. Waste paper stock used instead of wood pulp allowed LLC Donskaya Gofrotara to save up to 70 trees per hour for Russian woods. After launch of paper-making line LLC Donskaya Gofrotara was able to produce full-cycle corrugated cardboard packaging.

Production of high-quality and green corrugated cardboard packaging at affordable price makes more competitive those of our partners who chose our product for their business and aim at protection of environment.

Key Milestones

Commenced the construction of corrugating facilities

Commissioned the corrugated cardboard equipment (Curiony, Italy, and HSIEHSHU) with an annual production capacity of up to 222 mln m2 of corrugated cases.

Installed the 2nd automated line (JHF) for the production of four-flap corrugated boxes with a 4-color flexoprint feature. Annual output is 42 mln m2 of corrugated cardboard.

Introduced the automated production control system “POYaS”. Obtained accreditation of the quality control department.

Commenced the construction of paper-making facilities. Signed a contract with New BONAFIDE for the supply of process equipment.

Commissioned the paper-making machine (New BONAFIDE) with an annual production capacity of 66,000 tons. Arranged procurement from the own raw-material base.

Installed the 3rd automated line (TCY). A range of packaging products is diversified with a complex-shaped corrugated packaging. Total annual capacity increased to 60 mln m2.

Commissioned the 4th line (ASAHI) for the production of complex-shaped corrugated packaging. Total annual capacity increased to 72 mln m2.

Commissioned the 5th automated high-speed line (TCY) for the production of corrugated cases with an annual production capacity of 48 mln m2. Total annual capacity increased to 120 mln m2.

From 2009 to the present day, the plant has produced 2 bln m2 of paper.

LLC Donskaya Gofrotara today

At present, the business of LLC Donskaya Gofrotara is integrated operations over the entire production and supply chain from the purchase of waste paper to the production of corrugated boxes and delivery to end customers.
Key advantages:

  • Paper-making production that uses only waste paper as raw material and outputs 5,500 tons of paper a month;
  • Production of three-layer corrugated cardboard with a monthly capacity of 7 mln m2;
  • Production of four-flap corrugated boxes and complex-cut corrugated boxes on five lines with a total monthly capacity of 10.5 mln m2;
  • Production facilities of the Company are located at the South road junction of Rostov-on-Don that ensures continuous and prompt supplies to end customers;
  • Over 400 well paid jobs created;
  • Own waste paper and finished products storage facilities equipped for loading over 150,000 m2 on motor and railway transport.

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